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Monday, December 16, 2013


  OPEN  GRAVE  2013

Director: Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego Stars: Thomas Kretschmann, Sharlto Copley and Joseph Morgan Releasing Date: 3 January 2013 Plot: Open Grave is a newly published Thriller, Mystery and Horror film of 2013. It will schedule in Cinemas on 3 January 2013. The celebrity ranking of this movie is 6.0 out of 10. Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego is a film instructor. Its writers are Chris Bray and Eddie Borey. It is starring Thomas Kretschmann, Sharlto Copley and Joseph Morgan. Download Open Grave 2013 Full Movie with good audio and video quality. Download Horror Movies online just with one single click from virus free connection without pay any charges. It all starts with an awakening without memory, that of a man in a mass grave filled with rotting corpses. After the first moments of terror, the man is rescued by a mysterious Chinese girl who helps him to get out of the giant tomb and then fled without a trace. After hours spent in the rain in the wilderness desperate for help, he runs into a large house in which there are five people, two women and three men, who, like him or do not remember their own or that of others and how still less why they are found all together in this surreal place forgotten by civilization. Only the oriental girl who saved him seems to know the answers, and events of the past that involves them all, but not only the woman are dumb but cannot even communicate in writing because you only know the Chinese. In search of answers and clues that can solve the mystery, the group begins to inspect the house and its surroundings encountering unpleasant surprises and unexpected encounters as hostile. Among doubt, memories resurface and macabre discoveries, the truth will slowly float along with the unhealthy feeling themselves to be the authors of the horror that surrounds them. The panic looming, time is running fast and on the 18th, circled on the calendar and writing everywhere, is coming nearer.


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